10 Best Essential Oil Brands Known For Their Purity

Many manufacturers claim that they sell the best essential oil brands in the market. But how do you actually know if it is “the best?” Since this is an industry that isn’t FDA-regulated, it becomes trickier to choose and buy that little bottle from a brand.

A study report from Grandview Research says that the market for essential oils will grow to more than $2.35 billion by the year 2035 (globally).

So, if you are going to buy that bottle of essential oil for personal use, it does make sense to check for a few factors to ensure that you are choosing the best product available.

Today, we will tell you which brands sell essential oils with the highest quality and what factors should you look into when buying one.

So, let’s get started.

10 Best Essential Oil Brands

  • Young Living
  • Now Foods
  • Plant Therapy
  • doTerra
  • Edens Garden
  • Healing Solutions
  • Aura Cacia
  • Rocky Mountains
  • Plant Guru
  • Radha Beauty

The companies mentioned below are ordered based on their quality, purity testing methods, and ratings from different customers on Amazon. Though there are hundreds of brands, these are our top picks.

1. Young Living

essential oil brands
Official Website

  • Founded: 1993
  • Headquarters: Lehi, Utah
  • Certification: Kosher-certified & Seed to Seal®
  • Testing Method: Gas Chromatography, Microbial testing, Optical rotation testing, Specific gravity testing, Refractive index testing, Flash point testing, Heavy metals testing, HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) testing, IRMS (Isotopic Ratio Mass Spectrometry) analysis, Viscometry, Densitometry, Polarimetry, Refractometry, ICP-MS (Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry), Combustibility testing, Chiral Chromatography testing, etc.
  • Animal Testing: No (Cruelty-free)

Young Living is one of the oldest and best essential oil brands. It was founded in the year 1993 by Donald Gary Young.

Every batch of Young Living essential oils go through 15-20 tests, most of which are repeated thrice after distillation, and thrice again after bottling.

Adulteration is a primary concern, and this is why every bottle of essential oil from Young Living is tested by a team of trained researchers & quality control scientists.

Any batch that fails to meet their established standards is returned and rejected.

It is a part of their SEED-TO-SEAL procedure and an assurance that customers are getting the finest essential oils. No company goes to this extent (and spending so much) in testing the purity of essential oils.

To prove the purity of essential oils, a few of these tests are necessary because GC/MS testing alone isn’t enough. Most essential oil brands are small, and might not have enough resource and cost to afford such testing methodologies.

Before a brand like “Young Living” entered this market, there weren’t proper standards to evaluate the therapeutic quality of essential oils.

 Earlier, there was something called the AFNOR standard, but this was developed only to test perfumes. To distinguish the testing methodologies for essential oils, Gary Young was the first person to coin the term “therapeutic-grade.”

However, there still aren’t set standards to prove the quality of essential oils. Ever since Gary Young came up with this term, many essential oil brands have jumped into this bandwagon, using the same term, or probably claim that their essential oils are “certified.”

Since there isn’t proper standardization except for the AFNOR standard (which is set only to the perfume & fragrance industry), any company can label their bottles as “certified,” “therapeutic-grade” or anything for that matter.

But Young Living has purchased and compiled mass spectral reference library and essential oil retention index, which currently has more than 400,000 components. It features 1.3+ million references of oil molecules in their library.

It is the world’s only research reference library that conducts various tests on essential oils to ensure that they are genuine, pure, and are of true therapeutic-grade.

2. Now Foods Essential Oils

best essential oil brand

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  • Founded: 1968
  • Headquarters: Bloomingdale, Illinois
  • Certification: Kosher-certified, Halal Certified, Non-GMO verified, USDA Organic, and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certified
  • Testing Method: Refractive Index, Specific Gravity, Optical Rotation, ICP-MS (Inductively Coupled Mass Spectrometry), Flash point, Solubility tests, Infrared absorption, UV/Vis (Ultraviolet/Visible Spectroscopy) for pigment detection, GC (Gas Chromatography), and Organoleptic Evaluation – for odor and appearance.
  • Animal Testing: No (Cruelty-free)

Now Foods is one of the oldest and best essential oil brands, which operates and owns many distribution & manufacturing facilities both in Canada and the U.S.

The company was established in the year 1968 by an entrepreneur named Elwood Richard.

Besides an entrepreneur, Elwood was a certified physical chemist. He had the vision to enhance physical (or body) performance through nutritional supplements and healthy foods.

The knowledge and experience he acquired in his early research days left him a strong believer of the various benefits of natural products to lead a quality life.

This was the time when he laid the foundation of this brand, featuring nutrition & health foods.

Besides being a leader in the essential oils market, NOW has created a good reputation for the products it offers. Their oils are made from the highest quality ingredients but yet are low-priced when compared to other competitors.

Their long-term relationships with their suppliers, advanced instruments, and in-house labs make sure that every bottle of NOW Essential Oil is delivered fresh, safe, and fragrant for its intended purpose.

Headquartered at Bloomingdale, Illinois, the location features most of its primary manufacturing facilities and has corporate offices. To serve their customers at West Coast, NOW also functions a distribution and manufacturing facility in Sparks, Nevada.

The facilities at Sparks as well as Bloomingdale have advanced testing labs, where NOW’s research scientists use the latest analytical instruments to perform 16,000 tests on their ingredients and products every month.

NOW® takes purity and quality seriously. They have invested in high-end instrumentation and professional staff to check for the purity, quality, and identity of their essential oils. They work closely with their suppliers and growers to preserve the quality of the raw materials.

3. Plant Therapy

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  • Founded: 2009
  • Headquarters: Twin Falls, Idaho
  • Certification: USDA Certification from ECOCERT ICO
  • Testing Method: Batch-specific GC/MS
  • Animal Testing: No (Cruelty-free)

Plant Therapy is another renowned essential oil brand in the market. It all started in the year 2009, when Chris Jones, Plant Therapy’s president, purchased a small organic beauty product firm from his mom-in-law, an aromatherapist.

Later, Jones found the need for high-quality essential oils at reasonable prices. But not many companies were offering them then. Either they came with lots of solvents or were priced so high that not many could afford them.

In 2011, the company decided to provide the finest quality oils and then, launched its own set of essential oils. In 2013, Robert Tisserand became Plant Therapy’s safety & quality expert.

While working with him, the company came up with their KidSafe range of essential oils and launched them officially in 2014, which were safe to use on kids between the ages 2 and 10.

The company implemented batch-specific GC/MS testing methodologies for all their oils in late 2014. This was done to ensure that each bottle made by Plant Therapy meets customers’ expectations and quality standards.

The company grew to new heights and expanded so fast that it earned its spot in Inc. 500 list as the 31st fast-growing private companies in the U.S. and No.1 in Idaho.

In November 2015, it became a USDA Certified Organic company and further expanded its product line in 2017 with 12 Certified Organic blends of essential oils (6 being Kidsafe).

When an essential oil bottle has the seal of USDA Certified Organic, it signifies that you are helping to protect the natural resources and reduce environmental pollution.

Since Plant Therapy believes in using purest ingredients and providing exceptional quality to its customers, their teams ensure that they know everything about their farmers, suppliers, plants, and distillers. Their certification shows that they adhere to strict standards just to bring their customers quality ingredients.

4. doTerra

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  • Founded: 2008
  • Headquarters: Utah
  • Certification: CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®
  • Testing Method: Organoleptic testing, Gas chromatography, Microbial testing, FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy), Mass spectrometry, Isotopic analysis, Chirality testing, and Heavy metal testing.
  • Animal Testing: No (Cruelty-free)

doTerra is one of the best essential oil brands in the market right now. It was established in the year 2008 with an intention to provide the purest and high-quality essential oils.

The name “doterra” comes from Latin, which means “Gift of the Earth.”

Unlike other brands, doTERRA is created on complete science. The company has over 30 scientists and 2200 square feet laboratory space, where every scientist is committed to testing the essential oils – right from sourcing, strict testing procedures, and evolving usage models.

doTERRA has developed rigorous criteria to attest that its essential oils are free from synthetic ingredients, added fillers, artificial fragrances, and other harmful solvents.

Utilizing its facilities and other certified third-party laboratories, doTERRA’s plant oils go through the process of CPTG to make sure that customers get the highest quality essential oil.

Currently, more than 3 million Wellness Advocates use as well as sell doTERRA products throughout the world.

It uses a direct selling model, as this methodology enables distributors to work with customers. This approach also creates an opportunity for families and individuals to accomplish their financial dreams.

5. Edens Garden

 purest essential oil brands

Official Website

  • Founded: 2009
  • Headquarters: San Clemente, California
  • Certification: GC/MS Certified
  • Testing Method: Third-party Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) for every batch of essential oils
  • Animal Testing: No (Cruelty-free)

Edens Garden is another well-known Non-MLM essential oil brand that produces high-quality plant oils.

EDENS stands for Effective, Dedicated, Educated, Natural, and Safe.

All their oils are 100% therapeutic grade. Their essential oils are GC/MS tested by different third-party experts. They also have certified aromatherapists and scientists who do all the research and conduct various tests to ensure that their essential oils are made of high quality.

Edens Garden was established in the year 2009. However, the story all started in early 2000 when Grace, the founder & CEO of Edens Garden was on a trip to New Zealand. She enjoyed the countryside atmosphere and untouched beauty.

She quickly learned that using essential oils were the perfect way to bring a similar effect on one’s day-to-day life. She knew that the aroma of essential oils could bring a sense of relaxation as well as offer multiple health benefits.

Later, in 2009, Grace launched Edens Garden. Today, it is one of the most renowned and established brands in the world.

Over the years, the brand has created a strong base of safety and trust with its customers. Every bottle of essential oil sold by Edens Garden is of therapeutic grade, meaning that it is free from herbicides, pesticides, and other harmful ingredients, which might harm your skin.

The brand also guarantees that its essential oils do not have GMOs, harmful fertilizers, synthetic chemicals, added paraffin, carriers, additives, or bases.

 The best thing about Edens Garden is that they take health and safety seriously. Their oils are extracted from plants that are grown in their indigenous locations.

They also have direct relationships with their suppliers who are located throughout the world, as a few essential oils require their plants to be grown in different climatic conditions, altitude, elevations, water, etc. They are obtained from countries where they are actually grown in. These facilities are frequently visited and tested to ensure their standards are met.

6. Healing Solutions

good essential oil brands

Official Website

  • Founded: 2014
  • Headquarters: Phoenix, Arizona
  • Certification: GC/MS Certified
  • Testing Method: Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) tests for every batch of essential oils
  • Animal Testing: No (Cruelty-free)

Healing Solutions is another brand that has entered in the limelight recently. It was established in September 2014 with an intention to produce the finest quality essential oils without paying crazy prices.

At Amazon.com, it features thousands of positive customer reviews. The reason it offers highest quality oils at reasonable prices is that they don’t work on MLM (Multi-level Marketing) concept. Instead, they sell directly to customers.

Their main objective is to sell premium and finest quality essential oils, which are usually found only in tiny boutiques. To achieve this, they work with the most reputed suppliers of essential oils.

They provide complete full transparency just to make customers know that every bottle is 100% natural, pure, and free from solvents. Their essential oils are true therapeutic-grade extracted from plants from where they originated.

best organic essential oil brandsThey even have an in-house lab with a team of scientists and researchers working towards testing the oils strictly.

They execute GCMS testing for every batch of essential oils, and their purity guarantee is clearly published on their official page.

They include a special “lot number” on every bottle they pack to help customers look for the specific GCMS report for the oil they buy. This “Lot Number” is printed on the bottle’s label and includes 7 digits (format: XXX-XXXX).

7. Aura Cacia

top rated essential oil brands

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  • Founded: 1982
  • Headquarters: Weaverville, California
  • Certification: Certified organic certificate from Quality Assurance International (QAI)
  • Testing Method: Physical testing (Optical Rotation, Specific Gravity, Sensory Evaluation) and GC (Gas Chromatography) testing for every batch of essential oils
  • Animal Testing: No (Cruelty-free)

Aura Cacia is one of the oldest and best organic essential brands in the market. It is a part of the renowned Frontier Co-op, which values the importance of nourishing the planet and people.

Frontier Co-op started its operations with just two people in the year 1976 at Eastern Iowa. It has grown steadily since then, and today, it has become one of the world’s major suppliers of natural products.

From 1970 to 1979, Frontier Co-op sold spices & herbs to other local co-ops. Later, it expanded its operations and started packaging essential oils.

When Frontier Co-op bought the company in the year 1993, Aura Cacia was already a well-established brand in the aromatherapy industry.

Frontier had also been selling essential oils from 1978 and was an expert in sourcing capabilities and quality testing. The combo of Aura Cacia’s market leadership and Frontier’s reputed quality expertise amalgamated into a premium-quality, popular aromatherapy line.

As a co-op, they care for all their grower communities and share their product information openly to show customers how they can improve their well-being with aromatherapy.

The brand is 100% committed to offering the finest quality. Their essential oils are made from natural botanical ingredients. Every batch of essential oils at Aura Cacia is tested for its quality and purity before it is shipped to the customers.

Aura Cacia’s testing program includes GC/MS (Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry), which guarantees that they provide oils with high standards.

They also offer certified organic oils as well. They continue to be the front-runner in aromatherapy even today through their strategy – Source to the Shelf™.

Well Earth™ (Aura Cacia’s sustainable and ethical sourcing program) and high-level testing capabilities assure the right purity. While some of their essential oils are produced commercially in the U.S., others are produced from where the plants actually thrive.

The organic products offered by Aura Cacia are certified by QAI (Quality Assurance International), a leading 3rd-party organic certifier. Every batch of their essential oils undergo these testing methods to make sure that they are 100% authentic and pure:

  • Physical Testing – includes Optical rotation, Specific gravity, and Sensory evaluation
  • GC (Gas Chromatography) Testing
  • Chiral Gas Chromatography Testing
  • Refractive Index Testing

If you look at their label closely, this is what you will find:

essential oil labels

This label includes this information:

  • 1% Fund: This is allocated to the growers and Mother Earth.
  • Single origin: This tells you where exactly the essential oil is sourced.
  • Aroma Note: This tells you about the aroma profile.
  • USDA Logo: Undergoes stringent USDA criteria for organic requirements.
  • Botanical Identity: A vital reference for medicinal benefits of the oil.
  • Purity Guarantee: Undergoes multiple and strict tests to check for purity.

It has also received various awards and recognitions for their products. It received the “Clean Choice Award” in 2017 from Clean Eating Magazine.

8. Rocky Mountains

what are the best smelling essential oil brands

Official Website

  • Founded: 2004
  • Headquarters: Orem, Utah
  • Certification: GC/MS Certified, USDA Certified organic, and S.A.A.F.E Promise
  • Testing Method: Refractive Index, Organoleptic testing, Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) tests for every batch of essential oils
  • Animal Testing: No (Cruelty-free) 

Rocky Mountains is another well-known brand in the essential oil industry. It was established in the year 2004 by a few enthusiasts who were well-determined to create safe & high-quality essential oils.

With RMO (Rocky Mountain Oils), you can be sure of purity. Furthermore, they also have come up with the concept of S.A.A.F.E Promise™, which stands for:

  • S = Satisfaction
  • A = Authentic
  • A = Analysis
  • F = Free from adulterants & solvents
  • E = Effective & Pure

Satisfaction: Rocky Mountains Oils are created to provide 100% satisfaction. They are potent and pure. They support this assurance by offering their GC/MS test results, which can be accessed directly from their website. Besides this, they are also committed to providing unmatched customer and 90-day return policy if you are not satisfied with their products.

Authentic: Rocky Mountains Oils are known for their strict process of choosing their suppliers. They have an unwavering commitment when it comes to quality testing. Every batch of essential oils goes through GC/MS testing before they purchase from their suppliers. Every batch of essential oils is checked for contaminants, synthetics, adulterants, solvents, and diluents.

Analysis: Before RMO oils can reach the customers, they undergo both internal & external testing. Their external GC/MS testing procedure is verified via a renowned third party laboratory, which is then, scrutinized by their in-house chemists. Once the oils are GC/MS tested, the chemists run broad internal analysis in order to check the quality with Refractive Index, organoleptic, and other tests.

Free from Adulterants: Since all the oils are GC/MS tested and goes through strict internal analysis, quality is 100% guaranteed.

Effective & Pure: Only the essential oils that meet the purity criteria are sent to stores.

Every essential oil bottle is packed carefully by experts into clean, dark, amber glass bottles using advanced equipment. Every essential oil bottle is sealed securely, labeled side & top, and then, prepared for shipping.

9. Plant Guru

best therapeutic essential oil brands

Official Website

  • Founded: 2014
  • Headquarters: Plainfield, New Jersey
  • Certification: GC/MS Certified
  • Testing Method: Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) tests for every batch of essential oils
  • Animal Testing: No (Cruelty-free)

Plant Guru is yet another well-known brand in the essential oil market. It is a small family business, which is co-owned by Marcia and is dedicated to selling highest quality essential oils.

The company was established in the year 2014 with a passion to support health & wellness and provide users quality essential oils made from finest ingredients.

Plant Guru offers 100% transparency with its quality. It buys essential oils from its trusted suppliers, which meet the strict USDA standards.

You will find every essential oil’s certification and GC/MS results on their official page. Their products are 100% therapeutic grade and free from pesticides, chemicals, and GMOs.

They offer 100 types of essential oils and have sold over 1 million products.

Their business model is pretty simple. There is no marketing, no multi-level pyramid pricing, and no advertising. This saves them lots of money, and this savings goes to their customers by providing premium quality essential oils and yet at reasonable prices.

10. Radha Beauty

best pure essential oil brands

Official Website

  • Founded: 2014
  • Headquarters: Aurora, Ohio
  • Certification: USDA Certified Organic
  • Testing Method: Organoleptic assessment (to test appearance & odor), Specific gravity, Visual evaluation (foreign materials, clarity, color, etc.), Refractive index, Optical rotation, Solubility (typically in ethanol), Flash Point, and complete range of product-specific tests
  • Animal Testing: No (Cruelty-free)

Radha Beauty is another essential oil brand, which was established in the year 2014 by Rebekah Letch (co-founder). Rebekah Letch is a model/ballet dancer and Singapore-Indian, who strongly believes in Mother Earth.

She co-founded this company with an intention to share her incredible results after being bathed in plant oils.

In an industry where harsh chemicals and toxins are concealed with attractive packaging, Radha Beauty stands against them. They believe that when you embody beauty with Mother Nature, you are sure to see incredible results.

With this belief, they develop the BEST organic and natural skin care products from plant-based extracts. Their products are 100% effective, affordable, and safe.

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