10 Celery Seed Oil Benefits You Should Certainly Read

Celery is a well known Ayurvedic medicine, which has been traditionally used for treating digestive issues, flu, cold, and arthritis. However, celery seed oil benefits aren’t limited to these. There are much more, which scientists have discovered in recent years.

Today, celery seed is primarily used as a natural diuretic (increases the flow of urine to eliminate excess water in the body).

Let’s understand the wonderful benefits of celery seed essential oil, each backed by relevant research papers.

What is Celery Seed Oil?

what is celery seed essential oil

Celery seed essential oil is extracted from the seeds of the celery plant through distillation method. The seeds are first collapsed and then, crushed before extraction.

The obtained essential oil has a warm impact and hence, can be used for internal bruises, as a painkiller. It is usually administered to mothers after their deliveries with lukewarm water to nullify the after effects (of delivery) like gastric trouble, cramping pain, and sepsis (due to its as antiseptic properties). (1)

About the plant:

Celery leaves are pinnate to bipinnate and are rhombic shaped. It belongs to the family Umblifereae. The leaflets grow 3–6 cm (or 1.2–2.4 inches) high and 2–4 cm (0.79–1.57 inches) wide. (2)

The color of the flowers is creamy-white, which are 2–3 mm (or 0.079–0.118 inches) in diameter. They umbel-shaped.

The seeds are globose to ovoid, each measuring 1.5–2 mm (0.059–0.079 in) in length. The stalk is separated in bundles of angular collenchyma cells situated exterior to the vascular bundles.

Common names of celery are ajamoda, ajwain, ajmoda, apio, apii fructus, aches des marais, celeriac, celery seed, celery tuber, celery fruit, Persil des Marais, Karmauli, Qin Cai, Selleriefruchte, Graine de Céleri, Selleriesamen, and Fruit de Celeri.

Scientific Name of Celery Seed Oil

The botanical name of celery seed is Apium graveolens L.

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History of Celery Seed Oil

Fact: Celery leaves were found in the garland of pharaoh Tutankhamun who died in 1323 BC. Its mericarps were also found in Heraion of Samos during 17th century BC.

Celery is found in the Mediterranean region, in marshy soil and near the coastal areas. Celery plant is known to have originated from Europe but were renowned in the Indian region. But today, they are cultivated worldwide. (3)

Evidence of cultivation of celery plant is much older than 14th century. In the 9th century, pieces of evidence of cultivation of celery were found and even some literary events were discovered from ancient Greece.

Meadows of celery around the caves of Calypso is mentioned in Odyssey.

Color, Consistency, and Smell of Celery Seed Oil

  • The color of celery seed oil is yellowish brown.
  • The consistency of celery seed oil is thin.
  • The smell of celery seed oil is earthy and warm.

Properties of Celery Seed Essential Oil

The various properties of celery seed essential oil include: (4,5)

  • Antioxidant – Inhibits the process of oxidation and prevents diseases
  • Anti-inflammatory – Reduces pain, swelling, and redness
  • Neuroprotective – Protects the neuronal structure
  • Antacid – Neutralizes the stomach’s acidity
  • Aphrodisiac – Enhances sex drive
  • Anticancerous – Effective against cancerous cells
  • Hepatoprotective – Protects the liver from damage
  • Antiasthmatic – Treats asthma
  • Antispasmodic – Eases muscle spasms
  • Sedative – Promotes & induces good sleep
  • Anticonvulsant – Reduces the severity of seizures
  • Antirheumatic – Treats joint pain
  • Renoprotective – Protects the kidneys from damage
  • Aperient – Relieves constipation
  • Carminative – Gets rid of flatulence
  • Diuretic – Removes excess fluid from the body via urine
  • Emmenagogue – Stimulates and increases menstrual flow
  • Galactagogue – Increases lactation (milk secretion) in mothers

Chemical Compounds in Celery Seed Oil

Celery seed oil is a rich source of volatile compounds, molecular weight proteins, and fatty acids. The fatty acids in celery seed oil include Linoleic acid, Oleic acid, Petroselinic acid, and Palmitic acid. (6)

Volatile compounds include 3-butylphthalide, Ligustilide, Sedanolide, Neophytadiene, 4,7-dimethoxy-5-(prop-2-enyl), benzo-1,3-dioxolan or apiole, β-pinene (19.4%) and α-pinene, Camphene.

Other minor phthalide compounds include p-heptylphenol, methyl sedanonate (trace), cis-sedanolide (5.0%), trans-sedanolide (1.4%) cnidilide, β-phellendrene, Limonene, p-cymene, α-thuyene, β-Selinene, Nonanal, Sabinene, γ-Dodecalactone, γ-terpinene, Terpinolene, γ-himachalene, and Linalool.

Small traces of α-Thujene, α-Thujene, carveol, cumene, nonane, carveol, and Terpinen-4-ol is also present in celery seed oil.

Volatile oils are present in the form of monoterpene hydrocarbons in large amounts and are considered as a high source of phthalide. The aerial parts of celery plants contain phthalide whereas the stems have sedalonide in it.

celery seed essential oil

Health Benefits of Celery Seed Oil

  • Fortified with antioxidants
  • Heals internal bruises
  • Reduces pain after childbirth
  • Protects the liver cells from damage
  • Excellent neuroprotective
  • Gets rid of acidity
  • Reduces muscular sprains
  • Good for heart health
  • Increases lactation
  • Stimulates menstrual flow

Celery is a plant of multiple uses. Though celery seed oil benefits have been known from ancient times, the most noteworthy ones proven in recent times include:

1. Fortified with antioxidants

Celery is an excellent home remedy to treat various problems. This is mainly due to its potent antioxidant nature.

Free radicals are responsible for multiple factorial and physiological changes in the human body. They are harmful byproducts of metabolism and are directly associated with stress.

Poor eating habits and hectic lifestyle are key reasons for free radicals to increase in the body. However, these free radicals can be eliminated with the help of antioxidants.

Celery is a potent antioxidant herb and is a well-admired spice. (7)  It helps in reducing the stress. This is due to the compound apoin.

Its antioxidants are found effective in preventing cancer, especially stomach cancer. (8)

In a scientific study, acute dose of sedanolide and phthalides were studied and found effective on tumorogenesis. (9)

It is found helpful in reducing the tumor size and an enhancing factor for antioxidant enzyme Glutathione S-Transferase (GST).

2. Heals internal bruises

Both essential oils extracted from celery leaves and celery seeds are used as an effective remedy for internal bruises.

When a few drops of celery essential oil are mixed with mustard oil and massaged, it heals inflammation and pain.

The compounds that are responsible for this are phthalide and apion. Also, its amino acid helps in healing the internal bruises of muscles.

3. Reduces pain after childbirth

Celery oil is a potent remedy for women after their deliveries. It is used as a remedy from eras. Celery seeds (boiled in water) are given to women after childbirth for 1 month. It is even added in the diet to reduce pain after childbirth, remove internal swelling, and maintain a healthy stomach health.

After childbirth, the body becomes weak and the digestion is badly affected. To manage gastritis, remove constipation, and to make the food easily digestible, celery seed water is given.

4. Protects liver cells from damage

Celery oil is believed to be an effective hepaprotective drug. It protects the liver cells. In one study conducted on an animal model for 6 weeks celery oil was found effective against DHEP toxicity, it increases the liver weight, serum lipids, and liver enzymes.

The methanolic extract of seeds showed a protective effect against paracetamol and thioacetamide reactions. An overdose of paracetamol or any other analgesic drug is always harmful to liver cells and liver enzymes.

Hence on adding celery seed in diet can protect the liver from the harmful effects of painkillers and helps people surviving better. A large range of alkaloids is present in celery and celery seed oil, which show a positive impact on the liver and its enzymes.

5. Excellent neuroprotective

Celery oil has a potent activity to work as neuroprotective. It interacts with the nervous system. It has phthalide in good amount in it and helps in maintaining the nervous system working properly. It also works as a mood-altering drug.

6. Gets rid of acidity

Celery seeds are a potent and effective remedy for maintaining stomach health. Roasted celery seeds are grinded and mixed with black salt or rock salt and taken twice a day with lukewarm water is found effective for maintaining stomach health and removing acidity, removes constipation.

In one case study, celery seeds are proved to be 95% more effective for stomach ulcers. These seeds have a similar property like that in omeprazole. 300mg/kg (300 micrograms per kilogram body weight) of celery seed extract was found to be more effective on stomach ulcers. Apoin and other tannins present in celery seed are effective in maintaining the stomach health.

7. Reduces muscular sprains

Apoin in celery seeds play a major role in reducing the muscular sprain. The intensity of celery seed oil and celery seeds are warm. When applied directly on muscles and massaged properly with Luke warm oil twice daily for one week can help in reducing the sprains.

This oil has deep perforation capacity; it reaches deeper to muscles when massaged properly. Apoin present in celery seeds is effective in healing the sprains and relaxing the muscles.

8. Good for heart health

Celery seed oil is diuretic in nature, it increases urination and remove excess salt from the blood through filtration. By excreting the excess salt, it helps in regulating the blood pressure and provides relaxation in hypertension. Phthalide plays important role in regulating the blood pressure. It also removes bad cholesterol and avoids the chances of ischemia and heart attack.

9. Increases lactation

Celery seed oil is considered as a galactagogue, it increases the secretion of milk in lactating mother. Celery seed is given in a good amount to the lactating mother, the roasted celery seed are also given to mother to take with lukewarm water.

10. Stimulates menstrual flow

Celery seed oil is also capable to trigger on the menstrual cycle. When celery seeds are taken with anise and saffron for 3 days it reduces the menstrual pain. It also helps to trigger delayed menstruation. Due to its warm nature, it helps in starting the menstrual flow. When taken orally it increases the temperature of the uterus.

As the temperature of uterus increases, the level of progesterone also increases and increased level of progesterone is responsible for switching on the menstrual flow. Celery oil is rich in tannins and phthalides they play important role in regulating the activity of progesterone. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to avoid the use of celery seeds during pregnancy.

What Blends with Celery Seed Oil?

How To Use Celery Seed Oil?

how to use celery seed oil on skin

Celery is the plant of multiple health benefits. All the part of this plant is thoroughly used. Leaves of celery are used in cooking due to its slightly spicy flavor, it’s spicy flavor is not as strong as black pepper. It is the main ingredient of Bengali dishes and used in garnishing of fried and roasted fish and meat.

These leaves are also useful in the preparation of soups and stews. Seeds of celery have multiple health benefits, it is used in preparing essential oil and seeds are also used widely in spices and as a home remedy for multiple uses.

The seeds are mixed with black salt or rock salt to prepare celery salt. It increases the flavor of Chicago-style hot dog. It is often used in Ayurveda.  The oil of celery also works as a mosquito repellent.

Celery must be used in a defined limit. Otherwise, it can cause severe harm. For adults, 500 mg of a combination of saffron and anise can be taken thrice a day for the first three days of menstruation. Only 5% to 25 % celery seed extract or seed oil can be applied topically on the skin. While intake of celery the doses must be observed keenly and serious precautions must be taken.

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Side Effects of Celery Seed Oil

Although celery is considered as a safe herb and spice then also it should be taken in a small amount and when applying topically, its application must be followed for a small time only otherwise it can cause allergic reactions, which can range from skin irritation to anaphylaxis. It can also cause sensitivity to sun exposure. It is unsafe for pregnant women.

If large amount of celery taken orally then it can regulate uterus contraction and may cause miscarriage. A large amount of celery can also cause allergies to people suffering from the celery-carrot-spice syndrome.

For people suffering from bleeding disorder must strictly avoid its intake, it can increase the risk of bleeding in such patients. If celery taken in big amount can also cause inflammation in kidney and cause pain. Being a potent drug it can also affect the CNS (central nervous system), during surgery when anesthesia and celery get combined it can slow down the nervous system severely. Use of celery must be avoided two months before surgery.

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