10 Coffee Bean Oil Benefits You Never Knew They Existed

Coffee is one of the ancient drinks that has been consumed for more than 2000 years. Besides being the world’s popular and important drink, it is considered as valuable as petroleum. Sure, that natural dose of caffeine can you keep you awake, but have you ever wondered what the other coffee bean oil benefits are? 

Let’s understand coffee bean essential oil in detail.

What is Coffee Bean Oil?

what is coffee bean oil

Coffee bean essential oil is extracted from its green or roasted coffee beans through the process of cold-pressed distillation. The extracted essential oil is potent and smells exactly like a fresh cup of coffee. (1)

It is packed with a wide range of antioxidants and other active ingredients that give the essential oil its health benefits. (2)

This oil is very useful in refreshing your mood and increases sexual urge. It is widely used in food & bakery industry for its color and aroma. 

About the coffee plant:

The coffee plant belongs to the Rubiaceae family or Bedstraw family. The plant can grow up to a height of 5–10 m (or 16–33 feet).  

When the tree grows older, it loses its branches and bears more fruits as well as leaves on it. Few farmers plant coffee plants along the side of the hills due to its requirement for specific climatic conditions. 

The two most important coffee plant varieties (economically) are:

  • Arabica 
  • Robusta

World’s 60% of the coffee produced is Arabica whereas 40% is Robusta.

The Arabica coffee beans have about 0.8 to 1.4% caffeine whereas Robusta coffee beans constitute 1.7 to 4%.

Since coffee is one of the world’s most consumed beverages, they are categorized under major cash crops and a vital export product, which account for more than 50% of most foreign exchange earnings.

Arabica coffee beans grow in temperatures between 15 and 24°C whereas Robusta coffee grows in moderate temperature between 24 and 30°C and require rainfall throughout the year. (3)

Heavy rainfall is essential in the beginning –when the fruits develop, and less rainfall during ripening. (4

The main chemical composition of coffee beans are lipids, which are composed of mainly triacylglycerols, sterols, and tocopherols. 

Scientific Name of Coffee Bean Oil

The botanical name of coffee bean oil is Coffea arabica L.

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History of Coffee Bean Oil

Coffee is a historical plant and has been consumed from ancient times. The use of coffee dates back to the 15th  century or possibly, much before. It is thought that coffee is native to Ethiopia with a number of mythical accounts but there isn’t much-written evidence. 

Use of coffee & coffee tree is also found in the Sufi monasteries of Yemen. Later, they spread to Mecca & Cairo in the late 15th century. 

By the 16th century, coffee’s popularity reached to the rest of the Middle East, South India (Coorg), Horn of Africa, Persia, Turkey, and Northern Africa

Further, the fame and demand of coffee also reached Italy, Balkans, rest of Europe, and then to South East Asia & America.

Note: Coffee berries aren’t prized for their fruits. Instead, they are valued for their beans inside. The fruits are discarded, and it is the “beans” that are roasted, ground, and brewed. Amazingly, more than 400 million cups of coffee are consumed every day throughout the world.

Color, Consistency, and Smell of Coffee Bean Oil

  • The color of coffee bean oil is yellow to dark green.
  • The consistency of coffee bean oil is light to medium.
  • The smell of coffee bean oil is nutty, chocolaty, and exactly like coffee.

Fact: Coffee bean essential oil is a potent nervine tonic. 

Properties of Coffee Bean Essential Oil

The main properties of coffee bean oil include:

  • Antioxidant – Inhibits the process of oxidation and prevents diseases
  • Antidepressant – Eases depression and stress
  • Stimulant – Enhances energy and alertness
  • AphrodisiacIncreases sex drive or sexual urge 
  • AppetizerStimulates appetite 
  • Anti-agingPrevents the signs of aging
  • Relaxant – Reduces tension and promotes relaxation 
  • Anti-allergic – Prevents allergic response 
  • Immunoprotective – Protects the effects of antigen
  • Antipyretic – Reduces fever or body temperature 
  • AnalgesicAlleviates pain

Fact: According to the International Coffee Organization, Finland is the highest consumer of coffee, with Norway & Iceland trailing behind. 

Chemical Compounds in Coffee Bean Oil

Coffee bean essential oil contains mainly 46% of linoleic acid. 

The active component of coffee bean oil is caffeine. 

There are saturated & unsaturated acids (C20, C24, and C22) present in coffee bean oil but in tiny amounts. 

The fatty acids in coffee beans are considered to be the key factors that differentiate the types of coffee that are sold in the market.

coffee bean essential oil

Health Benefits of Coffee Bean Oil

Though coffee bean oil benefits are abundant, the most noteworthy ones proved by various researchers in recent years include:

  • Increases appetite
  • Prevents chronic diseases
  • Improves respiratory health 
  • Effective against cancer cells
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Prevents allergies
  • Eases stress & anxiety
  • Improves digestion
  • Works as a natural dye
  • Triggers menstruation

1. Increases appetite

Did you know that the aromatic compounds of coffee bean essential oil can have a huge impact on your central nervous system?

Yes, that’s true. 

This is mainly because it is a potent appetizer. (5, 6)

It hits your hypothalamus, the hippocampus, the amygdala, and other nearby organs to stimulate the feelings of hunger, which is important for individuals who are recovering from surgery, injury, loss of appetite, or extended illness. 

2. Prevents chronic diseases

The coffee essential oil contains antioxidants that help to reduce oxidative stress. It scavenges the free radicals and increases blood flow in cells that are suffering from stress. This, in turn, prevents infections and chronic diseases. (7, 8)

This oil shows most potency towards the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, and blemishes. This plays a significant role in nurturing the elasticity of the skin.  

You can use it in your daily skincare regime by mixing 2-3 drops of coffee bean essential oil with 1-2 tablespoons of carrier oil like coconut oil, olive oil, or sweet almond oil. Apply this mixture on your skin for a healthier and shinier texture.

Being a potent immunoprotective, it also helps the body to increase its immunity. When your immunity levels are high, it helps in preventing chronic diseases. 

The compounds diterpenes & caffeine in it work in empowering the immune system by increasing the activity of the T-cells.

3. Improves respiratory health

Coffee bean oil is highly effective in curing inflammation in the respiratory tract. It helps in soothing inflammations and infections by just inhaling its vapors (via a diffuser).

It helps in widening the blocked nasal passages and reduces its swelling. When your nasal passage opens, it helps the patient to breathe better. No wonder it is a wonderful remedy for bronchitis. (9)

4. Effective against cancer cells

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases, which occurs abnormal cells in your body divide uncontrollably and destroy other body tissues. 

It occurs due to the coagulation of different types of infections at a particular place in a body. It is said that reduced levels of antioxidants, linoleic acid, and oleic acid are responsible for a disease like cancer in the body. 

Many researchers analyzed the effectiveness of coffee bean oil in enhancing the antioxidant levels in the body. They found that the compounds in coffee bean oil prevented many diseases and enhanced the resistive powers (immune system) of the body effectively. 

This is mainly due to its composition of plant sterols, linoleic acid, and oleic acid, which are known to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. (10)

5. Reduces inflammation

As you age, inflammation in muscles and pain in joints are one of the most common issues you tend to face. 

However, coffee bean oil provides relief from such problems without any side effect. 

Applying diluted coffee bean oil on the affected area may help to loosen the muscles and increase blood flow. This, in turn, gives relief. This is mainly due to its anti-inflammatory properties. (11, 12)

It may also be useful in other inflammatory issues such as gastrointestinal distress, headaches, gout, and arthritis.

6. Prevents allergies

The active compounds in coffee bean oil help in reducing the allergic reactions effectively. It helps your immune system to react more effectively, cutting down your allergic response in return. (13)

7. Eases stress & anxiety

For improving mood, preventing depression, and reducing stress many individuals turn to the soothing & relaxing properties of coffee bean essential oil. Thanks to the phytochemicals present in it.

Diffusing this rich and warm aroma throughout your home can provide a general feeling of peace and calmness. (14, 15)

8.Improves digestion

If you have gastrointestinal distress like nausea, constipation, or IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), then, coffee bean oil can do a great deed. The antioxidants and essential acids found in it can enhance digestion, eliminate nausea & vomiting, and ensure proper nutrient uptake. (16)

9. Works as a natural dye

Coffee bean oil contains about 20% of the total lipids in the form of diterpenes. These are responsible for its aroma and taste. When coffee beans are roasted, it reduces the diterpene levels and increases its stability significantly. 

Due to diterpenes, the paste of coffee beans works as a natural dye. Hence, it can be used on your hair. (17)

10. Triggers menstruation

Coffee beans are very warm in nature. They have alkaloids, which help in enhancing the temperature of the uterus. 

So, the next time when your menstrual cycle is close or your menstrual flow isn’t much, trying diffusing a few drops of coffee bean oil or drink a cup of coffee to enhance your menstrual flow. 

This enhances the temperature of the uterus and initiates the menstrual flow. It is also helpful in reducing the pain during periods. (18)

What Blends with Coffee Bean Oil?

Coffee bean oil blends the best with:

How To Use Coffee Bean Oil?

how to use coffee bean oil

Coffee bean essential oil is best used for aromatherapy and in creams. 

  • DIY Cream: Mix 2-3 drops of coffee bean oil to your night cream and give a gentle massage. Leave it overnight and wash off with lukewarm water in the morning. This tightens your skin and makes it look radiant. It removes wrinkles by enhancing the collagen and fibers beneath the skin. It also removes dark circles. 
  • Aromatherapy: Diffuse a few drops of coffee bean oil and inhale its vapors for 20 minutes. 

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Side Effects of Coffee Bean Oil

Like any other essential oil, coffee bean oil is also potent in its concentrated form. Hence, it should be diluted with a carrier oil to prevent:

  • Skin irritation
  • Allergic reactions 

Avoid using coffee bean essential if you are:

  • Expecting
  • Pregnant 
  • Nursing
  • Under any medication
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