Cypress Oil Benefits, Properties, Usage, and Side Effects

Be it skin, hair, or treating various conditions, the benefits of cypress oil are many. Before we list them to you, here is a quick introduction.

Otherwise known as Cupressus, Cypress is one amongst the popular essential oils. It is a well renowned home remedy for increasing blood flow. Additionally, its sharp and refreshing aroma offers a great calming effect

This post will give a clear description of this essential oil in terms of its usage, benefits, dosage, and properties.

What Is Cypress Oil?

Cypress Essential Oil is extracted from the cypress tree, belonging to the family Cupressaceae, which are widely found in the Mediterranean. The oil is extracted from the bark of the tree through the process of steam distillation in order to keep the oil pure and organic.

what are the benefits of cypress oil

Scientific Name Of Cypress Oil

Cupressus sempervirens

History of Cypress Essential Oil

Cypress oil is known to have an incredible history. In the ancient times, this tree was popularly known as the “Tree that lives forever.” It has been the one of the most ancient oils, as its usage has been in scripted in the Holy Bible as well.

Having said that, cypress essential oil is also one of the 12 sacred oils of the Bible.

It has been used by mankind for more than 4,000 years. Mostly related with underworld and death, it has been said that the ancient Greeks dedicated this to Pluto, God of the underworld.

Its scientific name Sempervirens, is derived from the Greek, which means “ever living.

The Cypress tree signifies immortality and death in ancient art & literature. In fact, it was worshiped as an earthly symbol of the Goddess Beruth.  It is often correlated with meditation.

The cones of this tree were once used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for curing bleeding gums and other oral problems. Its fragrance is well admired in the Tibetan culture and are still used as an incense due to the natural soothing property of the scent.

Color, Consistency, and Smell Of Cypress Oil

  • The color of cypress oil is very pale yellow in color almost not noticeable. But there are some species of the Cupressaceae family of trees which produce oil of varied colors, one among them is the Blue Cypress essential oil which is deep azure blue in color.
  • The consistency of cypress oil is thin or watery.
  • The smell of cypress oil is refreshing, woody, slightly spicy, and refreshing

Properties Of Cypress Essential Oil

The following are the healing properties of cypress oil:

  • Astringent: It shrinks the skin
  • Anti-inflammatory: It reduces inflammation when applied topically
  • Antiseptic: It prevents bacterial infection and reduce the risk of septic
  • Vasoconstricting: It shrinks swollen blood vessels.
  • Antioxidant: It has mild antioxidant
  • Decongestant: It reduces congestion in the lymphatic system.
  • Antispasmodic: It prevents spasms
  • Anti-edema: It drives fluid retention
  • Styptic: It stops bleeding from open wounds and cuts
  • Diuretic: It makes the kidney excrete more urine and detoxifies the body
  • Sedative: It has a mild tranquilizing effect
  • Sudorific: It promotes sweating and further detoxing the body.
  • Circulant: It improves blood circulation and tones blood capillaries
  • Analgesic: It has a pain relieving effect
  • Mucolytic: It makes the mucus less dense.
  • Anti-lice: It is effective in killing lice
  • Antiviral: It works against viruses like herpes simplex virus type
  • Antibacterial: It kills several species of bacteria
  • Hepatic: It helps the liver, most important organ of the human body
  • Nootropic: It improves memory function
  • Emmenagogue: It stops heavy periods

Chemical Components Of Cypress Oil

The main chemical compounds of cypress oil include Cedrol, B-Pinene, Camphene, a-pinene, a – Thujene, Linalool, Borneol, Limonene, Myrcene, Sabinene, Citronellol, and Thymol.

  • AlpaPinene – Anti-inflammatory and Nootropic (improves memory)
  • Cedrol- Sedative and improves sleep
  • Limonene– Helps in heartburn
  • Myrcene-Anti-inflammatory, analgesic and mild sedative.

cypress oil benefits

Health Benefits Of Cypress Oil

As said earlier, cypress essential oil has been used for more than 4,000 years in the Ayurveda as an effective healing element for numerous health disorders.

Considering this, here are some some incredible uses and benefits of cypress oil for you to read:

1. Heals Varicose Veins

Apply 2 to 3 drops of cypress oil on the varicose veins to help heal faster. It astringent and anti-rheumatic properties assists in shrinking and healing the veins naturally. Using it twice a day also helps in soothing the pain.

Studies have been conducted on the efficacy of essential oils in treating varicose veins and cypress has emerged to be highly effective in the treatment and thus, proving the results.

2. Treats Raynaud’s Disease

This a condition where an individual’s hands and feet turn pale in extreme colds. However, research says that an oil like cypress when combined with olive oil and rubbed on the affected legs & hands has the ability to strengthen the blood capillaries and prevent Raynaud’ s disease from occurring.

3. Eliminates Respiratory Ailments

Many scientific studies have proven the benefits of cypress oil in treating respiratory issues. Just adding 2 – 3 drops of cypress essential oil in warm bathing water aids in loosening heavy mucus in the nasal passage as well as respiratory tract.

Moreover, adding 1 drop of it with cold rub and massaging it on the throat, back, and chest followed by a proper steam inhalation does a great deed in treating cold, cough, sore throat, and flu.

4. Helps Circulation

Massaging the body with 6 drops of cypress essential oil with 5ml of coconut oil can help in treating a number of circulation issues like low blood pressure, hemorrhoids, and hormonal imbalance.

In fact, regular usage has proven results in curing broken capillaries and proper functioning of blood vessels.

5. Treats Arthritis

Cypress’s natural anti-rheumatic properties is well known to give relief from arthritis pain. This can be accomplished by applying 15 – 20 drops of cypress on the affected area and rubbing it gently.

6. Tightens The Skin

When 2 drops of cypress essential oil are blended with mild skin care cream or 1 ml of extra virgin olive oil, it can do wonders to your skin. Apply the mixture to your skin and massage gently for 5 minutes in a circular motion to tighten the sluggish wrinkled and lifeless skin.

Doing this regularly helps in contracting the blood vessels, preventing blood loss, reducing blood clots.

7. Reduces Menstrual Pain

Add 2 drops of cypress oil with 1 ml of sesame oil. Massage this mixture on the lower abdomen to treat menstrual pain, heavy flow, mood swings, anxiety, and irregular periods.

8. Reduces Bed-wetting

Adding 15 to 20 drops of cypress oil with coconut oil in a roller bottle and rolling it down on a child’s abdomen will reduce bed-wetting. In fact, continuous usage of this mixture for a few weeks has been proven highly effective on children.

9. Removes Excess Fluids

Gently massaging the foot sole or any affected parts of the body with 2 to 3 drops of Cypress Essential Oil with 1ml of sesame oil or adding it to the warm bathing water will help in discharging excess water, toxic substances and promote urination and sweating.

10. Heals Wounds

Mixing 1 drop of Cypress Essential Oil with 10 drops of coconut oil and applying it aids in treating open external wounds.

11. Improves Mental Health

The strong aroma of the cypress essential oil is said to have a soothing effect on people who suffer from stress, anger, anxiety, abandonment, and fear.

12. Treats Oily Skin

The astringent property of cypress oil helps in removing the greasiness that comes with acne. You can mix a few drops of cypress oil with Aloe Vera gel and apply it on the face. Massage it gently to hydrate the skin deeply.

Doing this regularly will take away all the excess sebum and gives out a radian glow.

13. Removes Bad Odor

The fresh aroma of cypress gives its natural deodorizing property. This could be used in homemade deodorant instead of chemical-based, synthetic products.

14. Treats Baldness

As Cypress Essential Oil is been said as a natural ingredient to enrich blood circulation, it is proven that regular massage of this oil will treat baldness.

15. Natural Detoxing

The strong aroma of cypress helps in stimulating the lymphatic system, which, in turn, begins the circulation and further, transports the toxins to the place where they are excreted.

DIYs With Cypress Essential Oil:

  • Body salt scrub: 5 drops of cypress oil + 7 drops of grapefruit oil + 3 drops of patchouli oil in a cup of sea salt with half a cup of jojoba.
  • Room spray: 7 drops of cypress oil + 5 drops of eucalyptus oil + 4 drops of lemon + 7 drops of pine into 1oz of a spray bottle.
  • Facial massage oil: 7 drops of cypress oil + 5 drops of rose geranium + 2 drops cape chamomile into 1oz of jojoba.
  • Coffee Exfoliating Scrub: 5 drops of cypress oil + 10 drops of grapefruit essential oil + 1 cup of organic ground coffee + half a cup of jojoba, almond or olive oil.

Uses Of Cypress Oil

  • It is used in aromatherapy products like scented candles, soaps and room fresheners.
  • It is a popular additive in herbal shampoo.
  • It is used to inhibit bacterial growth in shoes, jackets, and hats.
  • It is used to offer relief from phlegm by infusing it in hot water for steam inhalation.
  • It is a common ingredient in homemade face washes.
  • It has superior energizing effects.

What Blends Well With Cypress Oil?

Cypress blends well with the following essential oils:

  • Bergamot
  • Clary sage
  • Juniper
  • Pine
  • Marjoram
  • Sandalwood
  • Rosemary
  • Frankincense
  • Lime
  • Citrus oil

How To Use Cypress Oil?

how to use cypress oil

It is not toxic when used in low concentration in aromatherapy and does not have documentation that suggests the right dose.   However, it is best to consult a doctor before using this essential oil.

Buying The Right Cypress Oil

One has to be cautious in buying Cypress Essential Oil as not all the bottles available in stores are unadulterated. Make sure that it is pure and therapeutic grade essential oil as there are possibilities of it being adulterated with other wood or essential oils of some other species.

Side Effects Of Cypress Oil

Though Cypress Essential Oil is completely safe to use it is advisable to first do a patch test on the skin and look for any irritation or discomfort. This oil is also not recommended for women during pregnancy or nursing mothers, as this can cause mild to moderate side effects.

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