10 Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets For Great Positivity

Wait, what! Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets? Is that even a thing? Don’t sweat it; just come along and you will see how. By the end of this article, you will have answers to all your questions.

Diffuser bracelets are much more than a fashion accessory now. They are gaining a lot of popularity because of their therapeutic benefits. You can now spread a whiff of scented air wherever you go and charm those around you. That’s the elegance of diffuser bracelets. They add bling to your personality besides their incredible aromatherapy benefits.

What is a Diffuser Bracelet?

essential oil diffuser braceletsIf you are reading this article we assume it is because you know about essential oils, and, possibly, diffusers too.

Diffuser Bracelets are pretty much portable essential oil diffusers. Unlike room diffusers, we all have gotten used to, these diffuser bracelets are completely different and yet the same. They can also be referred to as “go-to” or “on-the-move” scents.

As you walk and the breeze wafts by, it carries the scent from the bracelet up to your nostrils and to your immediate surroundings. Due to the therapeutic properties of essential oils, you also end up feeling refreshed throughout the day.

The best part about essential oil diffuser bracelets is that you can customize them. They make a great fashion statement while making you relaxed all day long.

10 Best Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets

Though there are plenty of diffuser bracelets sold online, we have handpicked the best ones for you to buy:

1. Lava & Rose Adjustable Essential Oil Bracelet

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Beautiful, chic, and casual is the hallmark of most women out there. This bracelet meets these requirements and is surely an enchanting must-have. The fragile appearance of the bracelet screams “hey, beautiful lady, come get me”. So, be that beautiful lady.

Product Features

  • Diffuse your choice of essential oil on to your bracelet easily by adding a few drops to the white lava beads.
  • Adjustable brass chain adds charm to the bracelet and dazzles the onlookers.
  • The beautiful diffuser bracelet is perfect for gifting. It reaches you in our signature gift bag and can be gifted as it is.
  • The diffuser bracelet comes with a rose quartz (the stone for unconditional love).
  • The adjustable chain makes it fit for everyone.

2. Adjustable Lava Rock Stone Diffuser Bracelet

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Calm lava stone for Men and Women with turquoise and tiger eye howlite. It’s a nice blend that combines a man’s taste and a woman’s inclination.

Product Features

  • Adjustable braided rope to fit the wrists of both men and women.
  • This bracelet comes with a signature gift bag, making it a perfect gift.
  • The equipped lava beads trap the essential oil and disperses it slowly throughout the day.
  • The stone cuts are a little rough around the edges but this only applies to a few. Many of them are smooth. The varying smoothness is because the lava stones are real.
  • Turquoise is a stone that helps relieve stress and treats insomnia.

3. Tree of Life Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

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With a sleek and elegant stainless steel design, the ” Tree of Life” diffusion bracelet relieves stress and nuisance in your day while surging on the power of nature with style.

Product Features

  • It is equipped with an eye-catching design and is a show stopper. It is accompanied by a shiny chain with little balls that skyrocket your finesse.
  • Makes for an amazing gift for any occasion. It helps when they are paired with oils that bear strong symbolic relation with the occasion.
  • The bracelet comes with 9 micro-weave, washable, recyclable, aromatherapy diffuser refill pads.
  • The bracelets sport a top of the line design with a top of the line hypoallergenic 316L surgical grade stainless steel.
  • The bracelet is one seamless tell from top to bottom without any glue or stick-on. Bearing this in mind, watch out for replicas.
  • Fitted with a magnetic closing system that prevents the oil from seeping through the bracelet and staining your clothes.

4. Unisex Lava Rock Hematite Diffuser Bracelet

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The gemstone beads correspond to 7 color chakras to improve concentration, mood, and your state of mind.

Product Features

  • The large number of porous lava stones makes this bracelet an effective essential oil diffuser accessory.
  • It features a unique style of combination that calls out to those who don’t like imitations.
  • The string on which the needs are strung is elastic and this makes it a perfect fit both men and women.
  • Hematite is known to reduce blood pressure, stress, and negative emotions.
  • Hematite also has other abilities like relief from cramps, spinal problems, and fractured bones.
  • Brings balance and prevents chakra blockages. It gets rid of negative thoughts and emotions.

5. Be Fierce Amazonite Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

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You probably have a memory to fall back on when you are feeling sad and to cheer you up, this bracelet reminds you to be fierce and face every challenge head-on.

Product Features

  • 8mm matte Amazonite, peridot, and citrine gemstone.
  • Sterling silver-plated copper nuggets, 7 to 7¼ inches on stretch cord with leather.
  • Package comes delivered in a jewelry bag, which makes it a perfect gift.
  • It’s the ideal size to have your favorite essential oils on-the-go.
  • With its simple warrior design, your passion to take on life burns bright.

6. Lava Rock Stone EO Diffuser Bracelet

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It is the perfect length for both men and women. The bracelet is made of braided rope. However, to prolong the life span bracelet, it should be kept away from water and fire.

Product Features

  • This is a good quality stone bracelet and is a perfect gift choice for your loved ones, friends, family, and neighbors. The bracelet comes with a jewelry bag where it can also be kept when it’s not in use.
  • The stones are perfect for absorption of essential oils and then, dispersion.
  • Made of amethyst, imperial Jasper, blue turquoise, red agate, Dyed lapis lazuli, synthetic amber, and tiger eye stone, this bracelet helps you to reduce stress, increase concentration, and bring relaxation.
  • Perfect for everyday use. Creates a more beautiful and charming look for females and males respectively.
  • The bracelet is fit for all kinds of occasion – casual and formal.

7. Stainless Steel Locket Washable Bracelet

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This bracelet was designed by keeping women in mind. It is dainty and feminine with 8 pcs replaceable, recyclable cotton pads in an assorted array of colors to match any outfit.

Product Features

  • Perfect for women of all ages. It makes a great gift for Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Aunts, Girlfriends, and Co-workers.
  • Hypoallergenic stainless steel material, anti-fading, leak-proof, protection for sensitive skin. Some of us could be allergic to essential oils but still want to reap their benefits.
  • Lightweight design to ensure comfort. The band has 5 holes to help adjust and fit it to your wrist size.
  • The bracelet is designed to relieve stress and anxiety, calm emotions, and help improve concentration.
  • The cotton pads make for good absorption of essential oil.

8. Unisex Braided Leather Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

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With the braided leather bracelet, you are left feeling cool all day. This is the perfect size to put off casual and formal while making bold statements while being bogus.

Product Features

  • The leather of this bracelet is absorbent and makes it a unique diffuser bracelet to carry your favorite scents wherever you go.
  • Genuine, high-quality leather in different colors. Depending on the oil used, this leather bracelet can carry scent for more than a day.
  • Beautiful leather bracelet with strong secure snap closure. Caters to both men and women of varying ages.
  • It comes with an assortment of sizes.
  • It is 100% natural. No worrying of adverse effects of chemicals against the skin.
  • With an array of colors to choose from, you can pick something representing your personality. You can wear it to your office or school and make a fashion statement.

9. Suburban Aromatherapy Love Wrap Bracelet

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Undeniably, women appreciate gifts with sentimental value. This is a handmade jewelry, which makes it an ideal gift for women. That means getting a handmade book is good enough to get you in their good books.

Product Features

  • The “Love Wrap” is an incredible collection. It features Rhodonite gemstones (genuine) in calm tones of cappuccino and rose.
  • The love wrap speaks the language of Love, compassion, and serenity. The bracelet is also known for its versatility. It can be worn as a bracelet or as a diffuser necklace.
  • It is handmade by a group of artisan women and packaged in a soft reusable bag. The package comes with a pamphlet that discusses each stone and its properties.
  • The porosity of the lava stones comes in handy to carry your essential oils all day long.
  • The beads are strung on a durable elastic that encourages long usage of the bead.
  • Beads can be wore as a bracelet as well as a low hung necklace. The bracelets are ideally worn by doubling the length of the bracelet around the wrist.

10. Coolnut Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet in Rose Gold

cute essential oil diffuser bracelet

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This is indeed a stunning piece with an impeccable design that speaks class and beauty. This bracelet is a must-have for all the ladies out there.

Product Features

  • It comes with a jewelry box and is perfect for safekeeping when not in use. Its packaging is unique and can be given as a gift.
  • This bracelet can be worn anywhere. In fact, even to bed. It aids concentration, facilitates relaxation, and makes day-to-day activities go smooth.
  • With 8 pieces of replaceable different colored felt pads, it is the perfect accessory to match any outfit.
  • The bracelet stays shut with the help of magnetism and keeps it closed to prevent the oils from spilling out.
  • The felt is highly absorbent. Just add a few drops of your desired essential oils and you are ready to take on another day.

How to Use a Diffuser Bracelet?

Before jumping right into the basics of using diffuser bracelets, there are a few things you must know:

  • Essential oils are sweet-smelling therapeutic oils.
  • Essential oils, if not handled carefully, might prove dangerous.
  • Do not attach these bracelets to children under the age 10. If you do this, first find out which oils to use on kids and what is the most effective mode of application.
  • Keep the bracelets away from pets.
  • Do not apply them directly to the skin. It is preferable that the oil is applied to the parts of the bracelets.
  • Keep the bracelet away from babies because they tend to familiarize themselves with objects by putting them in their mouths.
  • Essential oils are not for oral intake.
  • As with all chemical substances, avoid abuse.

Now that we have covered a few of the basics, let’s move on to the proper usage of diffuser bracelets.

Essential oil diffuser bracelets are made from beads. The beads are made of different materials like:

  • Plastic
  • Rock
  • Rubber
  • Wood
  • Clay
  • Leather
  • Glass

Of these materials, rock, wood, clay, and leather are the most absorbent ones. Therefore, they are commonly used for making diffuser beads. Since they are porous, whenever essential oils are applied, they absorb them into themselves and let go as breeze wafts by.

Essential oils are applied in drops or are smeared on the beads to smear the oils into the rocks. Oils can be added to the rocks in the following ways:
  • In drops: Drops of essential oils are applied directly onto the surface of the beads.
  • Smearing: The oils can be smeared onto the face of the rock by hand or by using a clean brush.
  • Dipping: The intended beads can be dipped into a small puddle or collection of the essential oils. Excess drops can be dried or wiped off with a clean cloth or tissue.

10 Benefits of Diffuser Bracelets

health benefits of diffuser bracelet

Lately, the popularity of diffuser bracelets has been on the rise. People of all ages are using it actively in their day-to-day life. Here are some of the benefits of using essential oil diffuser bracelets:

1. Aesthetic Value or Designer’s Option

Since you get a say in what the beads look like, it is totally up to you to spruce it up however you like. The aesthetic value is definitely a perk to the diffuser bracelet, unlike the room diffusers that are a bit rigid and inflexible in design.

2. Portability

Unlike other fashion accessories, it is portable and this feature increases access. This implies that with the diffuser bracelet, good health is just a breath away.

3. Long Lasting Effect

Depending on the quality of the oil used, essential oil diffuser bracelets can carry scents for 24 hours or even longer. That makes them both economical and long-lasting.

4. Flexibility

When room diffusers get old and start coughing up their last breath, you throw them out. But with diffuser bracelets, they don’t “cough up” their last breath. They would rather go out of style or you get bored of seeing the same design over and over. That can be easily fixed by just restringing a different combination of beads and you are good as new.

5. Cost-Effective

The beads are easily accessible. They can be taken from an old pair of beads and can be obtained from stores as well. What’s more? Well, they are pretty cheap. Talk about ease of use.

6. Therapeutic Benefits

Essential oils are natural antidepressants, anti-anxiety, and analgesic. In short, they work like magic. Just one whiff and you can feel a realignment in the universe of your nerves where things were earlier feeling scrambled.

7. Discreet

We remember hearing about a baby who was allergic to scents. A whiff of any scent and she starts to pee blood. In our daily interaction with life, we come across different people – maybe not as serious as the baby – but disturbed by scent all the same. With the bracelet, it’s like making a personal statement unlike the bold ones with Cologne.

8. Prevents Wastage

Since the medium of transportation of the essential oils is absorbent, wastage is reduced to bare minimum. A few drops of desired essential oils can do the job ideally.

9. Double-Edged Sword

It serves both therapeutic purpose and makes a fashion statement. And we all know it’s not fashionable if you don’t complete the look with accessories.

10. Gifts

Making the bracelets can prove to become an enjoyable pastime. They also make the best gifts. While people might not necessarily get along to heavy scents, it is hard to say “no” to cute scented bracelets. They can be the perfect Christmas, birthday, or anniversary gifts! The thoughtfulness that goes into the making of the bracelets makes them the best gift for loved ones and strangers alike.

DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Until now, the way essential oils work might have sounded a bit too hard to wrap your head around. That, however, should not keep you from using them because these bracelets are so simple to use that they would throw your concerns right out the window.

You would also be able to make this bracelet on-the-go and teach people how to use them or even make them into gifts for your loved ones. Let’s not jump the gun; first things first.

Materials Needed:

  • Stretchy cord, elastic cord or fishing line.
  • Beads of all types; glass, plastic, rubber, wood, clay, lava rock.
  • Essential oil of your choosing.


  • First, separate your beads into two different groups. Porous and Non-porous beads.
  • One after the other, start to string the beads on the string you have got. You can choose to have some fun at this point. You can alternate the beads (porous, nonporous) or scatter them randomly across the bracelet. Just know that there is no strict order for how the beads should be strung.
  • Tie off the bead using a knot of your choice that would hold. You can try the “surgeon knot.” If you are working with a fishing line, you will need a pair of jewelry pliers and jewelry stopper to secure the beads.

Once all this is done, your essential diffuser bracelet is ready for use.

  • Take the essential oil of your choice and add in drops onto the surface of the porous beads facing away from the skin to have a good time with your bracelet.

Note: Essential bracelets can be recycled. If the fragrance of the oil runs out, you can just apply another batch of essential oil in drops to the porous beads.

Diffuser bracelets can also be made using leather.

Materials Needed:

  • Thin dry deerskin lace, suede or leather strips from any other animal.
  • Scissors.
  • Connector charms of your choice.
  • Essential oil of choice.


  • To find the perfect length for your wrist, wound the intended cord around your wrist thrice and add 2-3 more inches.
  • Cut off the excess at a 45° angle to make it easier when you want to thread the cord through a connector charm.
  • Thread both ends of the cord upwards at opposite ends of the connector charm.
  • Pull the cord and adjust it so that equal length of cord is at the opposite end of the connector charm.
  • Flip the charm over and wound the charm around your wrist. This is where the 2-3 inch excess comes handy.
  • Tie off the excess in a firm knot so the bracelet stays firm and in place not loose and saggy. You can choose to cut off the ends of the cord if it pleases you.
  • Apply the essential oil in drops to the soft underside of the leather.

Don’t wait until you have something big or until you come into a huge amount of money to get started on makes these cuties. Have fun spicing up your jewelry box and filling it up. So next time someone stops you at the mall and says “That’s an amazing bracelet. Where did you get it?”, simply reply with pride swelling in your heart, “I made it.”

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