What Is Stick Deodorant?

The two odor-suppressing products – roll-on deodorants & stick deodorants, often create many confusions among people. That’s because both the products come in similar packages as well as sizes. While a roll-on deodorant has been clearly explained in the last article, today, we will tell you what is stick deodorant.

What is Stick Deodorant?

A stick deodorant is a toiletry, which is applied onto the underarms to eradicate or reduce body odor. It comes with a twister at the bottom to help slide the stick up & down. Unlike a roll-on deodorant, stick deodorant does not leave a wet sensation on the skin after it is applied. It comes in soft-solid form, which helps in less wastage and easier for a user to control.

What does a stick deodorant do?

The primary use of a stick deodorant is to lessen or prevent the bad underarm odor. The antimicrobial compounds in it make it less likely for the bacteria to grow.

what is deodorant stick

What does a stick deodorant contain?

Stick deodorants come in only one form, which is:

  • Soft solid

This wax-like, soft solid formulation is usually made of the following chemicals:

  • Aluminum compounds (aluminum chlorohydrate)
  • Parabens (propylparaben, methylparaben, butylparaben or ethylparaben)
  • Propylene glycol
  • Triclosan
  • DEA (diethanolamine) & TEA (triethanolamine)
  • Talc and alcohol
  • FD&C colors

Do stick deodorants have antiperspirants?

Yes. Some stick deodorants have antiperspirants in them. They are exclusively designed for heavy sweaters who not only like to smell good but also want to control the excess sweating.

Antiperspirants stop the release of sweat by clogging the skin pores temporarily. The aluminum compounds help in accomplishing this effect. However, there are controversies that deodorants with antiperspirants cause cancers. But there is no proper medical evidence proving such statements.

How does a stick deodorant help get rid of the odor?

A common way for the body to cool itself is through sweat. The sweat glands help in releasing sweat, which then mixes with the bacteria present on the skin surface. When the bacteria feed on the sweat, it releases a bad smell, which we often call it as “bad underarm odor.” Since bacteria require warmer and moister environments to grow, underarms make an ideal home for them.

what do stick deodorants do

As soon as you apply a stick deodorant properly, it does the work in two ways:

  • The fragrance will help cover the bad underarm odor.
  • The antimicrobial compounds will reduce or prevent the bacteria from thriving.

If the stick also has antiperspirant, then:

  • The product will control the sweating.
  • The aluminum compounds help in this process.
  • They clog the skin pores from generating sweat.

Are the ingredients in stick deodorants safe for skin?

No. Most stick deodorants use artificial fragrances to help mask the odor. These scents are chemicals, which cause burning sensation, irritation, and allergies on the skin. Some even darken the underarms.

However, some deodorants use natural botanical oils rather than artificial fragrances. Such products might be a little expensive but totally worth. They don’t cause allergies or other skin problems and are free from harmful chemicals.

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